Past Photos: My Top Ten

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1. Yellow Bug After the Storm: 14 Oct 2009 – 11 am; Rexburg, ID – Sunrise Apts; f 5.8; 1/125; Canon PowerShot SD750.

2. Alaskan Wedding Bouquet: 21 Apr 2010 – 1 pm; Turnagain Arm, AK – Scenic Pull-off; f 7.3; 1/1,250; Canon PowerShot A620.

3. Frosty Fence:  28 Jan 2010 – 9 am; Rexburg, ID – BYU–Idaho Football Stadium; f 7.25; 1/80; Olympus Stylus-9000.

4. Highway Before the Storm: 26 Jun 2010 – 7 am; Davie, FL – between I-595 & SR 84; f 17.88; 1/400; Olympus Stylus-9000.

5. Sunny Morning at the Beach: 26 Jul 2010 – 8 am; Fort Lauderdale, FL – near South Beach Park; f 5; 1/200; Olympus Stylus-9000.

6. Rainy Reflections: 2 Aug 2010 – 3 pm; Palmyra, NY – Hill Cumorah Visitor Center; f 7.25; 1/80; Olympus Stylus-9000.

7. Sunset at 30,000 Feet: 16 Aug 2009 – 6 pm; Somewhere over North Carolina at 30,000 feet; f 15.48; 1/100; Olympus Stylus-710 – braced against the window of a 737.

8. Beaming Through the Storm: 21 Aug 2009 – 3 pm; Near Albany, NY at 15,000 feet; f 6.5; 1/200; Olympus Stylus-710 – braced against the window of a 737.

9. Stadium Sunset: 16 Sep 2010 – 7 pm; Rexburg, ID – Spori Bld; f 21.57; 1/80; Olympus Stylus-9000.

10. Snowy Fields at Sunset: 27 Dec 2010 – 5 pm; near Pocatello, ID – from I-15; f 17.88; 1/400; Olympus Stylus-9000 – out of the car window.


Throughout the past two years, I have taken hundreds, possibly thousands of photographs with a handful of point and shoot cameras. Admittedly, most of them are not visually noteworthy enough to be posted here in this blog. And, I keep having a nagging feeling that I have left a couple gems out of this Top Ten post and will be kicking myself for weeks to come. Nonetheless, this represents some of the better shots that I have taken over the past two years. After reviewing them, I realize that most of my pictures of visual value are of outdoor landscapes, usually involving times where the sun is close to the horizon. Also, a noteworthy observation that is drawn from my Top Ten is that I took a great number of those gems while riding in a plane or a car. Undoubtedly, these next several weeks will produce a much greater variety of quality shots, finally helping me get out of the same ol’ same ol’. Fortunately, Rexburg provides a fresh photographic pallet that I have not captured much yet—only four of the above pictures (1, 3, 9 & 10) were taken in this time zone!

4 Responses to “Past Photos: My Top Ten”
  1. Adam Brubaker says:

    I really enjoy your sun rise/set shots they happen all the time but they are not always captured and preserved the way they really looked. Also great reflection shot in the sunglasses that picture really catches the eye and i like the “movement” in the picture your eyes catch the sunglasses then read the rest of the story as they move around.

  2. Rachel Darling says:

    Rainy reflections is easily my favorite on in the bunch! You have a wonderful eye of using abstract lines to your advantage!

  3. lifeofme00 says:

    I love your shots. You are very good at using the natural light to illuminae your subjects. I love the pictures of the clouds, very magestic. Good subject matter and inteesting examples. I enjoyed your photos.

  4. Jared Arndt says:

    I love the color that you have in some of your shots. I really like the explosion of colors that are in photo 7. It really is really sweet.

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