Mahogany: A Color Study


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1. Pillars of Light: 7 Jan 2011 – 9 pm; Rexburg, ID – Peterson Pointe Apts; f/17.88; 4 sec; Olympus Stylus-9000 – camera sitting on balcony railing.

2. Wintry Leaves: 14 Jan 2011 – 11 am; Rexburg, ID – Outside the Spori Bld (BYU—Idaho); f/7.25; 1/100; Olympus Stylus-9000.

3. Marimba Close-up: 14 Jan 2011 – 3 pm; Rexburg, ID – Marimba Practice Room (BYU—Idaho); f/7.25; 1/4; Olympus Stylus-9000.

4. Empty Library: 14 Jan 2011 – 7 am; Rexburg, ID – McKay Library 2nd Floor (BYU—Idaho); f/5; 1/10; Olympus Stylus-9000.


I wanted to maintain a more natural color study, which was a greater challenger than I had anticipated considering all of the limiting factors: 1) I’m in Rexburg, ID, 2) It is the dead of winter, 3) I have classes during most of the daylight hours, 4) I did not want to shoot candy wrappers, etc. After selecting this natural mahogany color scheme, the shots seemed to fall into place very nicely. I did not have a lot of time, but I tried to use low angles and close up shots to make the subjects a little more captivating for the eye. And the pillars of light was a happy gem that I captured a week ago that fit nicely for this assignment. With all of our recent weather, beautiful inversion layers have settled in a couple times after sunset, creating conditions that were clear, yet foggy, resulting in these pillars of light from every traffic light, street light, etc within a 1/2 mile of our apartment. Note: I used Photoshop to sharpen edges, adjust the curves, and boost the saturations of these images.

One Response to “Mahogany: A Color Study”
  1. Carlie Recht says:

    Way to go Herbert! I love that you chose mahogany as your color. It is very unique, but you were able to get some awesome shots. I especially love the picture of the leaves. It is so telling of winter in Rexburg. I also liked the Marimba picture. The lines are very clean and crisp yet the picture has a very soft feel to it. Great work!

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