Revolutionizing JPEGs: Camera Raw


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1. Car Roof Snowflakes [edited]: After opening the image in Adobe Bridge, I opened it in Camera Raw (⌘ + R) and made almost every adjustment possible using the Basic, Tone Curve, Detail, HSL, Lens Correction, and Camera Calibration pallets on the right portion of the Camera Raw window. The biggest “ah ha” moment came when I used the white vignette options to create a blown-out appearance around the center of the image, without having an obvious circle in the center of the image like most vignettes usually have.

2. Car Roof Snowflakes [unedited]: 20 Jan 2011 – 11 am; Rexburg, ID – My Subaru parked in front of the Snow Bldg. (BYU–Idaho); f 7.25; 1/160; Olympus Stylus-9000 — on the super-macro settings and braced against the roof of the car.

6 Responses to “Revolutionizing JPEGs: Camera Raw”
  1. katelynwray says:

    I really like this edit. I think you used camera raw well. I think the Vignette really added to the winter feel and brought even more attention to the snowflakes. The angle is great and I like how sharp the snowflakes are. The adjustment on the colors to make the blue more blue added to a winter feel and helped the snowflakes stand out more. I also like how you got the reflection of the tree on the car. It is just a great picture. Good job.

  2. Kelsi says:

    Herbert- I love this snowflake picture. I especially like that you were able to capture the snowflakes before they melted; they always melt so fast! It also shows a great shallow depth of field. The colors really stand out against each other, making the snowflakes pop. The reflection of the branches on the surface look really great too. Awesome job.

  3. Cristi Decker says:

    Hello Herbert! Wow, your pictures are awesome. The “Car Roof Snowflake” edits look amazing. I think you did a great job capturing the complexity of the flakes while also finding a beautiful backdrop. The white vignette is subtle, yet really adds to the focus of the picture and softens the edges. I also really liked how you made the blue so vibrant. The photo is simply beautiful. On top of that, I thought your video panorama came out really well. The titles were really crisp. Great effort!

  4. Jared Arndt says:

    Nice contrast on the blue surface. I like the shadows. Are those trees? It adds a cool element to the photo.

  5. izgalicia says:

    I really like this picture, I think that it works really well. your shot was great but after you lay with it in camera raw became amazing. I also think that the blown-out appearance you added, helped a lot to make this picture better.
    your colors are great and the reflexion of the trees completes it well.

  6. Caryn says:

    Wow, Herbert, you captured a great shot here, but your CR edits are awesome! The white vignetting trick (Ah-ha moment) is so cool. Great detail in the tiny little, intricate snowflakes. Your work is amazing, and can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Your photography has such an nice calming undertone to it. I can’t explain it exactly, but I enjoy your composition and serenity. It seems like it fits your personality. For example, the “low cloud sunrise” is so peaceful and tastefully composed I love how you added some of your favorite Photoshop shortcuts in that one post. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing what you post next. Don’t forget to keep trying things out of your normal comfort zone. I like the way you pushed your edits on the snowflake shot. 🙂

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