On the Border: Edge Effects


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1. Vintage Sheet Music (unedited): 15 Jan 2011 – 3 pm; Rexburg, ID – Snow Bldg. (BYU–Idaho); f/3.9; 1/20; Olympus Stylus-9000; Super-macro Mode; resting the camera directly on the paper for greater steadiness/clarity.

2. Vintage Sheet Music (edited): Following #13 “Burned Border,” I copied the original image in Photoshop, changed the blending mode to “Multiply Blending Mode”, deleted the central portion, and duplicated the darkened layer until it achieved the desired contrast with the original image showing through. I also did the variation listed at the bottom of #13, adding a 15 pixel white stroke to make the inner edge of the burned border pop a little more.

3. Painted Flower (unedited): 27 Jan 2011 – 4 am; Rexburg, ID – My Apartment (Peterson Point Apts.); f/3.9; 1/4; Olympus Stylus-9000; Super-macro Mode; braced against a nearby chair for greater steadiness/clarity.

4. Painted Flower (edited): Following #11 “Flexible Brushed-on Effect,” I created the blank white layer underneath the image in Photoshop and added a black layer mask to the original image and painted parts of the image back using the thick, heavy brushes.

5. Saving the Shake [unedited]: 3 Feb 2011 – 9 pm; Rexburg, ID – Sammy’s; f/9.8; 1/100; Olympus Stylus-9000; flash and  optical zoom.

6. Saving the Shake [edited]: Following #14 “Flexible Vignette,” I created a new layer in Photoshop that matched Daniel’s jacket color, reduced the opacity to 70%, and deleted the central portion. I also did the variation listed at the bottom of #14, adding a 15 pixel white stroke to make the inner edge of the vignette border pop a little more.

7. Heavenly Salute at Stake Conference (unedited): 12 Feb 2011 – 6 pm; Rexburg, ID – BYU–Idaho 8th Stake Center Parking Lot; f/17.8; 1/60; Olympus Stylus-9000; Sunset Color Balance Mode.

8. Heavenly Salute at Stake Conference (edited): CHALLENGE: Following the directions in the Hide & Reveal Tutorial, I used bars and circles to mask out and reveal certain portions of the image, creating a “lost and found” effect.

One Response to “On the Border: Edge Effects”
  1. ryancarreon says:

    I really liked the edge effect that you did on the sunset picture. I think the black adds some good contrast to the pictures, and I really liked your composition with the bordered area. Great job!

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